Application Procedure

In order to become a member of the Environment Exchange we require a number of pieces of information from you. These act as proof that you have a genuine interest/ position within the PRN market, can comply with our trading rules and are a legally registered company.

A new online applicant must Register with the Online Joining Forms site, a process that will confirm the validity of their email address.

There are six stages to the Application, each of which should be completed as appropriate and “Saved”.

An applicant will need the following information to complete the Online Application Form:

  1. Company Registration Number
  2. VAT Number
  3. Bank Details
  4. Agency Accreditation Numbers (Sellers only)

The last stage includes submission of the application and requires all pages have been saved and all required fields are completed.

The Application may be viewed but not changed once the Application is submitted.

The next stage of acceptance will involve t2e meeting their due diligence requirements which may require company accounts or similar documentation to be provided to meet the obligations of Money Laundering Regulations. A t2e Trader will contact the applicant for any further information within two working days of application.

Additional Company Traders can be added in consultation with t2e following the Company’s acceptance as a t2e Participant.